• FairFax School Meeting

    Homosexuals Going After Children

      Homosexuals Going After Children Some people see that and get upset, while many of you understand exactly what it means.   Some of you might be thinking that this

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  • KJV Bible

    Female Pastors

    Female Pastors   This article is being republished from a female so as to give her perspective on the subject of Female Pastors. As you will see she clearly examines

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  • adultery

    Adultery Side Affects

    One of the most problematic parts of our society is adultery. Adultery, and fornication has been something that has plagued people since the early days of our world after the

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  • Virtuous Woman

    Virtuous Woman

    This beautiful poem of the biblical virtuous woman is designed to show what wives the women should make and what wives the men should choose. This exquisite picture of a

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