Homosexuals Going After Children

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Homosexuals Going After Children

Some people see that and get upset, while many of you understand exactly what it means.

Homosexuals routinely try to deny that people in the homosexual community are targeting your kid, but the reality is that they have been targeting them, and they have been allowed to do it by the Federal Government. They have forced your kids to listen to and be encouraged to embrace homosexuality as being okay, they have taught them that their parents are bigots if they don’t embrace homosexuality, and that they as well are bigots if they don’t say okay to it as well.

The homosexuals know that they aren’t going to be able to fool adults, so they started targeting kids while they were still young and impressionable in hopes of destroying their sense of morality on the subject.

Here is a video of what happened in one state that embraced homosexuality and the outcome


Some of you might be thinking that this was an isolated incident and just pertains to Massachusetts, but as you can see in the following video that isn’t the case. Homosexuals Going After Children isn’t an isolated incident.

In the following video you see that not only is the homosexual community using schools to attack your children, the schools which are supposed to be teachers of good things actually are taking sides against the parents best wishes for their kids. This proves the public schools can’t be trusted with your kids.

As you can see in the videos Homosexuals Going After Children is the preferred method of attack by the homosexual community.