Adultery Side Affects


One of the most problematic parts of our society is adultery.

Adultery, and fornication has been something that has plagued people since the early days of our world after the Garden of Eden. Even though the bible is very clear about the sanctity of marriage you still see people that wish to violate that oath an oath taken before God as well mind you. Exo 20:14 Thou shalt not H3808 commit adultery. H5003

Adultery and fornication is always a hurtful thing. While it might make the person committing adultery or fornication feel good in the short time in the long run it comes back to haunt them.

Most people that commit adultery, or fornication go on to do it again against the new person in their life. Those that engage in a second marriage often find themselves going for a third marriage and so on until they eventually end up giving up on marriage completely.

Often times you see situations now days where things erupt into a situation where people get shot or killed all over someone engaging in adultery. There is a lot to think about as adultery really never ends well. Someone is always hurt and sometimes dead.

Check out this story in South Carolina for example:

Take care of your marriage in the eyes of God you only get one. Marriage is a bond that exist so long as you have a living spouse hence the “Till Death Do Us Part” portion of the vows.


One of the best sites I have ever found is Rev. Stephen W. Wilcox site

I just in all my years have never seen anyone that has done such a thorough job of researching the subject. He has an amazing eBook written on this topic with information going back to the early church fathers as well. Here is the link to the book I highly recommend downloading it.
This is a long read, but well worth every minute you will spend and I would recommend rereading it several times after you finish.